This is just a quick update

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Oh hey, thank you for visiting my blog. Once again! Im here to tell you all that I am completely aware that this site has not been active since 2012. That’s 2 years .. I know. But apparently, it still uh.. exist. It still is being recognized by Google ( somehow ) and looks like I am still getting random visits, which means that my site is not a total wasteland. So yea that’s absolutely good news for me ( yey ) coz I was planning to revive this blog. Give it a brand new title, new layouts and stuff, update it frequently ( I honestly hope I could commit to that ) lol.

So just a little bit about myself. No, I have not married yet ( you all might think Ive been gone because Ive settled down). Negative. Ive decided to drop all my online activities for a period of time because of personal issues. I need to sort out certain things in my life but yea Ive pretty much recovered so all is fine again. Plus Ive seen the advantage of cutting down on my social media addiction. I literally quit Facebook for awhile which helped me in so many ways because I get to focused on more important tasks.

So Im hoping I could bring life to this website again. Give me your thoughts. I know Im not too crazy with blog post ideas so maybe I’ll come up with something that might be interesting ( hopefully ). Anyhoo. Talk to you soon. Take care :)

Holla!– Im back

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Hi friends! Just checkin my site * whoa its still runnin! yee * :) Been veeerrry busy with the job lately so I havent had the time to write stuff about whats happenin! But yep Im still happy and sunny and smiling and havin lots and lots of fun :)

Talk about work! And I just wanna give you friends a lil bit of inspirational shit, i mean stuff! *easyy lels* . Ü As you know I work  in the BPO. But Im not one of those guys you see with a headset on and talkin to a bunch people they dont know ( I used to do that but not nemore ) So my job is all about sittin 8 hours or more a day and stare at the computer , receiving lots of emails , doing reports and get cranky sometimes. Lol. Well I got all shares of disaster when it comes to my work, people nag you to death when you didnt meet their expectations, but they could also love you to bits when you did a great job! * Which its perfectly normal and it just run around that circle*

Its tough you know, but I gotta do it. I could whine the whole day, but really.. I  still have to do it. The best  part of being under pressure  is that when you survived a whole week of stress, all feels super super great come weekends. :) There was this onshore colleague who sent me  a pic via ping, he knows Im in crisis and almost everytime people talk to me, they’d give me nothin but badnews. When I got this pic, I just laughed it off. :) I was also told ” You need to unwind daily coz if you dont, you’ll go crazy ”


Sometimes things in life get really overwhelming. But its all about managing your self and your time. My whole week is dedicated to work, and on weekends I have all the time to chill out. Movies and long vacation to look forward, plus a pay that looks nice, thats all hardwork that got paid off . Im just happy and all happy with how things are arrange the way they are. Im not the richest girl in this line of  business but it pays my house rent, my utility bills, my food, i bought my clothes and all the good stuff  with the money I get out of it.. I mean ? diba? isnt that enough to love my job.  I hope that inspired you somehow. Heheh , to all my fellahs  workin like a horse, cheers and more cheeers to you! :) Have a great weekend ! ♥

beauty and madness

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Last week, my best girl friend ( whose name will be kept unknown for protection of privacy, lels ) asked me out for a breakfast. The instant I answered her phone call, I already knew she’s going through somethin and that I think I know what our conversation is gonna be like. So we went out , and I asked her right then and there what was wrong. She was just smiling the whole time while eating her meal, but ofcourse I know, I can tell ( she’s trying to condition my mind for the “pasabog” she’s about to tell, lol ) Okayy.. there, she told me her problem , and right after hearin her rants  I was laughin ridiculously at her. In my head , Im like ” you dope, i knew this is gonna be about ur bf hahaha .

Well, the issue is : She thinks her boyfriend is no longer as sweet and affectionate as he was when they started the relationship. .. *thinks*… *thinks again.. * … *thinks some more*… Mmkaaay.. I asked her if there is anythin more to it.  She said none, she just really felt that she’s beginning to feel taken for granted. Like when she talks, her boyrfriend wont listen. He fails to do the simple things to make her happy and y’know stuffff.

Totally understaaandable and not uncommon.Matter of fact, recently .. I was literally mad at my bf too for somethin super petty, and when I asked him why he’d  not do it, he said sorry and didnt realize I’d take it as a big deal. You know when you’re both already too comfortable with each other, you have the tendency to give less effort which should NEVER be the case. But I told my friend , this is not like mommy-ING-guys here.. you cant go tellin them what they need to do and what not ( all the time ). They’re adults , you know. They’re like big big big adults. So much for stressing your self about whether he still cares for you or not , if he tells you he cares and he shows that.. versus the instances you think he’s ignored you, dont try to be too critical about it.  ( Im just saying guys can be extemely naive and  girls tend to over think too) If you think youre really really.. like super duper taken for granted, then go make yourself happy and dont make yourself too available, he will notice that eventually. But if your non-reactive bf gives you nothin but misery, drop him duhhh ( im just kiddin lol ). Cat,  you really dont need that much problem in your life. Hehe.  Well ( thats just me talkin.. lol .. Im just trying to be really plain about it, hehe. ) I know every relationship is different from the other, but one thing I always tell my friends is to not act on a situation immediately. The real madness here is when you have a thing running in your head and you act on it right away ( smart girls equals smart moves Ü )